This is a space where I will link resources and interpret complex research about anti-fat bias and eating disorders into digestible information. I hope this may be a jumping-off point for you on your journey.

Why Belly Lessons?

👋 Hey there!

Hi, I’m Noelle Ford (she/her) and this is me when I did not think I was fat, unloveable, or ugly. At one, I existed for frilly tablecloth-like collars, scream laughing, and cheese. I went to bed without plotting exercise or pinching my stomach. I cried when I felt sad. I screamed when I was frustrated. I ate when I was hungry. I just was – big hair, big ribbon, big personality.

Now, as I work to dismantle the fatphobic beliefs I’ve religiously followed over the years, I wanna figure out how to return to being this authentic kid. And, as a middle school teacher, I know that the only way to reach a kid (even an inner-kid) is through vulnerability, humility, and accessibility. (Plus, some well-timed jokes and at least a working knowledge of TikTok.)

Much love & light!

Bellies & History


Before I began eating disorder treatment in May 2021, I typed all the food I ate and all the exercises I completed into an excel spreadsheet I titled FOOD PLAN. I hungered for data points – reasons to remind myself that I was either “good” (eating “healthy” and maintaining or losing weight) or “bad” (eating “unhealthy” and gaining weight).

Color-coded, FOOD PLAN was my grade book for a course I failed every day: HEALTHISM.

But before I tell you why I stopped my diet manifesto, we need to unpack how the concept of “health” grew.